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This chapter includes a check list of what you should do to get the most out of HairExtensions EXPOSED.  After reading the first few chapters (up to the directions) you will be directed to the Hair Extension Suitability Test.

Is your hair suitable for hair extensions?  What about your lifestyle?  Take the test.


The Hair Extension Suitability Test is a short test to find out and answer all the questions truthfully.  Follow the directions to add up your score.  Then see where your test results fall in the Hair Extensions Suitability Chart.

Next you are directed to read the chapter on Methods and look at the Hair Extension Methods Comparison Chart.   Read about Maintenance, Issues that may arise with hair extensions.  You will select several methods that you feel may work with your hair and lifestyle.

Next you are off to find a stylist in your area and schedule several hair extension consultations.

Then you prepare for your consultation and go to your consultation.

Next you will do your homework and check out the hair extension stylists that you went to for the consultation to make sure that they are properly trained to attach hair extensions.

Finally, you will decide on one stylist, schedule your appointment and go to the salon for instant long, gorgeous hair.

Checklist for getting hair extensions

Below is a list of steps to take that will get you on your way to getting long, fabulous sexy hair.  Remember that hair extensions should not be an impulse purchase.  You should educate yourself and be prepared to evaluate several different hair extension methods at different salons.

  1. Take the hair extension suitability test. 

  2. Try on a long hair style.  This hair imaging program allows you to upload your own photo and try on hair styles.  Maybe you wonít even like the way you look.  Try it on first. Sign up at Today - 3 Month Membership Only $14.95!

  3. Read all the sections   Hair, Methods, Costs, Selecting a stylist, Homework, Maintenance, Issues

  4. Look at each of the before/after hair extension photos and read about what was done.

  5. Look at comparison chart for all hair extension methods. 

  6. If you have made it this far and still want hair extensions, start looking for a stylist that offers the hair extension method you are comfortable with.

  7. Schedule your hair extension consultation.  Prepare for the consultation.  Know what questions to ask, what the stylist should be doing during the visit.

  8. Compare your notes from each hair extension consultation.  Write a pro and con list for each one.  Do your Homework!!

Schedule your consultation and go get beautiful long hair!!!!


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