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Many things can go wrong with hair extensions. They can severely damage your natural hair; even cause permanent hair loss in some cases. If poor quality hair is used, the result can be severe tangling and matting after several shampoos.

Every hair extension company claims to have the best method on the market and that their method causes no damage to the natural hair. Giving these companies the benefit of the doubt, one can only assume that problems begin when the extensions are not attached properly, removed properly and maintained properly on a daily basis.

You must be involved in maintaining your hair extensions! Follow your stylists’ maintenance steps exactly. Use the hair care products they recommend, brushes they recommend and any special styling instructions. Don’t spend $1000,s of dollars on hair extensions and end up ruining them because you used baby shampoo on them.

So, what should you do if you have followed the stylists’ directions and did all the appropriate research before you got the extensions. Filing a lawsuit against the stylist should be the absolute last step that you take. There are situations where this may be necessary.

When addressing any issues that you might have with your hair extension stylist, always try to be respectful and not escalate things by blaming him or her. This will only put the stylist in a defensive position. Not much will get solved if your stylist feels he/she has to defend his/her service.

When should you be concerned? If something is obviously wrong, for example half of your hair extensions have fallen out, you have tiny little red bumps all over your scalp, your hair is severely tangled after just a few shampoos, and your stylists says nothing is wrong---You should quickly find another hair extension stylist and get a second opinion, even if it cost you more money. Don’t mess with the integrity of your natural hair or scalp.

With very few exceptions, all hair extensions are a non-refundable service. The stylist sets aside a block of time to do your extensions, ordered products to complete the service and invested his/her time to provide your hair extension service. He/she will not be scheduling any other clients during that time.

A reputable stylist will take care of any concerns or issues you have regarding your hair extensions. If you have done the proper research, you will be with a reputable stylist and have nothing to worry about.

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