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Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff:

This site is a very objective look at getting hair extensions.  It includes very detailed information that you can choose to use or to ignore. Guidelines are presented as well as detailed checklists for checking out your hair stylist and maintaining your extensions.

We are not responsible for what you decide to do with all of this hair extension information.  All information is Use At Your Own Risk.


This site is not intended to tell you that one particular hair extension method is good and another one is bad. All hair extension companies claim that their system or method is non-damaging to the natural hair and all hair suppliers claim that they have the best quality human hair.

We will provide you with the descriptions of the methods, contact info for each of the companies and many other resources where you can read about people who have had hair extensions. With all of this information, you can make a better decision on what hair extension method would be best for your particular hair situation.


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