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This chapter covers some of the basic maintenance instructions for hair extensions.  Some methods may require additional steps that are not found on this list.  This list is a combination of maintenance requirements for all methods .

If you are really serious about getting hair extensions, read this list to make sure you are willing and able to take care of your hair extensions properly. 



Damage to your natural hair can happen during the attachment and the removal process.  Yet,  improper maintenance of hair extensions could very well be the leading cause of damage, even permanent damage.

Be prepared by knowing what you are signing up for.

During your consultation, the stylist should tell you exactly what you need to do every day to keep your hair extensions in good shape.

Taking care of your human or synthetic fiber hair extensions will have a direct affect on the condition of your hair and how long the extensions will last. We have put together a list of hair care tips for both human and
synthetic fiber hair extensions.

Most of the items in the list should apply to all types of extensions. There will be some tips mentioned that may not apply to your particular situation. Always contact your stylist for any questions about your hair extensions.

Hair care for human hair extensions
Do not sleep on wet hair. Hair should be dried thoroughly. Tie hair up in a pony tail or braid it when sleeping. Always dry hair, do not leave it wet. (It is mentioned that this will extend the life of some extensions)

Avoid prolonged exposure to chlorine. Wear a cap if possible. Wash and condition your hair immediately after going swimming. Do not allow chemicals to remain in your hair for any length of time.
Some stylists recommend using a diffuser attachment
to your hair dryer to avoid direct heat at the point of


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