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The transformation that you can achieve with hair extensions is well worth the cost and extra work to take care of longer hair


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Hair Extensions Exposed

Not only will you have all the information about every hair extension method, but also, you will be able to see these methods in action in the Bonus Gallery.

If you are still not quite sure about hair extensions, then the BONUS Before + After Hair Extensions Photo Gallery will be the final push to convince you to get hair extensions.

Hair extension stylists and salons from around the world show off their talent with before and after photos of their clients.

Before/After Photo Provided by Gia Wood, Hair By Gia, Texas

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Hair by Gia- Featuring Stylist Gia Wood

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The client’s hair was a normal texture, undamaged, and shoulder length. She wanted hair extensions for an acting job she was auditioning for.   The strand by strand, heated glue method was used. Hairdreams® 18 inch special grade European hair was used.  A mixture of normal sized bonds and medium sized bonds were used around the face and crown area. The attachment process and styling took about 3 hours.  Shampoo/styling for this photo shoot took 1-1/2 hours.    The client wore the extensions for 4-1/2 months and had them removed/replaced with the same length, bonding sizes, and texture.  Costs:  $2800.00   


Hair extensions are an easy out on waiting for short hair to grow out, if the right stylist is chosen to create your new style. The greatest difference in good extensions and bad ones is the stylist who puts them in. Make sure you choose a reputable stylist and see his/her extension work in before after client photos.  An inexperienced extension stylist can mess up your hair and fixing it will cost you more money in the long run.  Research all of your options for the best result and experience with the hair extensions process.   Gia Wood


See clients that started with:

* Damaged Hair

*Thinning Hair

*Hair Loss

*Normal Hair

*Bad Hair Cut

*Too Short Hair Cut

*Thin Hair

*Hair that wouldn't grow past a certain length

And they were....

INSTANTLY Transformed using hair extensions to create beautiful long, flowing, and even thicker hair styles

You COULD BE the TALK OF THE TOWN with long, beautiful hair.

Hair Extensions Exposed- NOW FREE ACCESS -Start Here: Who Gets Hair Extensions?


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