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Who gets Hair Extensions?

Who is getting hair extensions and why.  This chapter covers who is showing up at   salons across the world wanting to have instant long and gorgeous hair.  Find out the reasons for wanting hair extensions and how these reasons compare to your reasons for wanting hair extensions.

Who gets hair extensions?

Hair extensions have been popularized by celebrities today who go from short to long every other day it seems.  In the past, hair extensions were considered a luxury service only for celebrities and people that were rich.

Today, hair extensions are no longer just for celebrities.  Because of the increased demand for extension services, many stylists have received training to attach/remove hair extensions and the industry as a whole has expanded to include many different methods of attachment.  

Below are some reasons that men and women are getting hair extensions today:


Join Now for Only $14.95!*Cover up a bad hair cut

*Lengthen a too-short hair cut

*Get long hair for a special occasion, i.e. prom, wedding, graduation, party, etc.

*Cover up or disguise thinning hair

*Cover up damaged or over-treated hair

*Sick and tired of hair style, want something new

*Love long hair and donít want to wait for hair to grow out

*Love a certain long celebrity hair style and want to get it

*Want to impress people

*Want to get highlight/lowlights without chemical processing

*Just because!


If you want long hair now and you can afford itóthen go ahead and get hair extensions!

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