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Hair Extensions Costs

How much do hair extensions cost?  Are they just for the rich and famous?  What if you are not rich and famous?  Can you still get them?

Are hair extension stylists just ripping you off by charging you so much money?  How can one method run $500 and another method run $3000? What is the difference?  Is it quality?



Find out how much hair extensions really cost and how the stylist determines the prices.  Has a stylist invested a lot of money in training and certification for hair extensions?  Then she may be charging more for hair extension services to recoup costs.  Is it good to go with hair extensions that cost more money?

In Hair Extensions Exposed we cover all the factors involved in pricing.  Costs of the hair and extension materials, time involved to attached and more.

In the Hair Extensions Exposed Bonus Comparison Chart you will be able to compare all the different hair extensions and average price ranges for a full head of extensions.

Hair extensions can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.  Find out why and what hair extension method is affordable for you.


Your first question when you start looking at hair extensions will probably be, “Why do they cost so much?”

The answer to that is very simple.  Hair extensions are a time-intensive, tedious service and the supplies needed for quality extensions are expensive.


As more and more women rush to the salon to get hair extensions, the supply of good quality human hair becomes less.  This of course will drive up the price for hair extension services.


A lot of the hair extension methods require several hours to attach a full head, around 3-5 hours.  There is a direct relationship between prices and the time it takes to attach the extensions. The more time it takes, the higher the price.  The stylist cannot schedule any other clients during that time.  Plus, the stylist has invested a good amount of money to be trained and/or certified for hair extensions.


There are new and improved methods of hair extension that require a lot less time to attach.  So, your first thought may be,   If it takes less time, it should be less expensive.  Eventually, these faster methods will be less expensive.  But right now, the stylist has to invest a lot of money for the new and improved machine or tool required.


There is also the factor of location.  Getting hair extensions in a big city at a popular salon will cost you much more, sometimes double, that what you will pay in at a small town salon.  This of course is related to operating expenses.  The big city salon has much higher expenses to cover and will need to charge much more for extensions.



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