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Issues with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can damage your hair.  Period.  Anyone that says they don't cause any damage may not be truly informed.  You are taking human or synthetic hair and adding it to your natural hair.


The weight of the human hair extension can fall out, even bringing your natural hair along with it.  Very frail and damaged hair can become even more frail and damaged if the wrong method of hair extensions is used and the attachment and removal is not done properly.


If the hair extensions are attached AND removed properly AND maintained properly by you, you will minimize the amount of damage that is done. There are some instances where (again if properly attached/removed/maintained) you may notice an improved condition of your natural hair after wearing hair extensions.

Find out what issues can happen with hair extensions and what you should do if youOnly $14.95 for 3 months! get hair extensions and something goes wrong.

Every hair extension company claims to have the best method on the market and that their method causes no damage to the natural hair. Giving these companies the benefit of the doubt, one can only assume that problems begin when the extensions are not attached properly, removed properly and maintained properly on a daily basis.
You must be involved in maintaining your hair extensions! Follow your stylistsí maintenance steps exactly. Use the hair care products they recommend, brushes they recommend and any special styling instructions.

Donít spend $1000,s of dollars on hair extensions and end up ruining them because you used baby shampoo on them.

So, what should you do if you have followed the stylistsí directions and did all the appropriate research before you got the extensions. Filing a lawsuit against the stylist should be the absolute last step that you take. There are situations where this may be necessary.


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